In light of the ever-changing magic of life...

I am truly truly grateful for everybody and everything that this life has offered me. I thank you deeply for being a part of my experience whether in person or in this space.

Thank you!


Is your mind racing when you are in bed? You feel the physical urge to close your eyes and the bed feels so warm and cosy! You even begin to drift off into slumber when like a shadow, that thought creeps up on you...and then another, and another.

So the story goes...

8 hours beauty sleep


4 hours of uninterrupted sleep


Waking up at 3am means your third eye is very powerful, your creative juices are at their if you wake up at 3am...DO SOMETHING WORTHWHILE!! (using the loo and then wondering what next is a waste of all that potential, so beware!)

So on and so forth.....

Really, the amount of sleep you need depends on how you feel during your waking hours. And of course the vicissitudes of your life have a direct effect on this.

So now what?!

Here's a simple approach, you know this already but I reminding you just in case :) x

- Exercise, dance, come to yoga or Barrefusion..Walk - A LOT!

- Chill out, take things a little less seriously :) x

These tips below are ones that work for me, so sharing them.

- psyche yourself up before bedtime! yes!! feel the deliciousness of your sleep, taste it and revel in it!

- wish your phone, iPad, computer, etc a sensuous sweet dreams ATLEAST 30 minutes before you get in bed.

- pamper yourself! keep your favourite body lotion by your bedside and indulge in a self-massage! I sometimes do this in bed, massage my hands and feet sitting in my bed. they will thank you for it!

- FACE YOGA! What the...??! Come to class! I'll give you easy suggestions you can practise with your eyes shut :)

To make the experience even more fun, try out a SPACEMASK!

I love this amazing magical contraption. It's brilliant!

This is what Bazaar's beauty editor had to say (and I concur) -

"That evening, after yet more screen time (Handmaiden's Tale got me hooked), I needed space, my eyes some relief.

And so I peeled back the starry foil. Oxygen activates the cotton mask almost immediately to gently heat it up, so that when snuggly pressed onto eyes (and secured with loops behind the ears thank you very much) you experience the most cosseting sensation. The back of the label told me to keep the soothing eye mask on for a countdown of 15 minutes, but the self-heating, space-giving, time-stopping mask was too good to take off that soon.

Warmth is an alien concept in a world flooded with cool cucumbers and iced-creams designed to tighten and brighten the eyes. But actually, a warm compress like this works to ease tension and encourages circulation, otherwise slowed by straining eyes over a screen – ergo, dark circles and puffiness.

Spacemasks come in a pack of five, so I'm rationing them to one a week, when gravity really takes its toll and my eyes need a little lift off."

****If you are ready to start a consistent wellness routine, you can pick up a couple of complimentary space masks with your COMBO-class pack purchase all through December and January!

I look forward to seeing you soon! Until then sending you lots of love and light!

Anisha x

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