A Cup of Chai @ 4a.m.

I have been awake since about 2.45a.m.

*****So I made myself a cup of CHAI

Fell asleep at 10 last night after watching an episode of The Americans. Was feeling really tired and out of sorts all evening. Slept not that great. My head is full of EVERYTHING! Thank you HEAD, I say! So now what??


The aroma of Indian tea leaves as they alchemise into this soothing potion remind me of home & that all is well. Even with this feeling of overwhelming sadness (for no apparent reason), followed by a sense of elation (for no apparent reason), wanting to just sit on my cushion and meditate (but writing a blog instead), gazing at the quiet river outside my window as I nurse my tea.....

returning to writing this piece -

That's what I saw from outside my window a few evenings ago. That is also what my MIND is like right now. I reckon we are all myriads like this in some way. We are all trying our best to go with the flow. The flow of life I mean - with its pinks and purples and gold....

The intense (heat) I was experiencing has transformed into a cool, tranquil, floaty experience.

Something shifted organically. Intuitively. Seamlessly.



Chitta - Mind

Vritti - Thought

When the Mind & Thoughts are curbed from wandering around,

The Mind then Unites with Consciousness -

That is YOGA...

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