Luxury Silk Eye Pillows

Luxury Silk Eye Pillows


Your eyes are the windows to mind and when they are tense, mind is tense. When they are relaxed, mind is relaxed.
Relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises take us to the deepest when our mind is still. This silk eye pillow soothes eyes by weighing them gently so eyelids won’t flutter and can relax. The eye pillow’s soft pressure relieves tension from the muscles in and around your eyes, as the pillow prevents light from reaching pupils.

This eye pillow is made of silk, and filled with organic flax seeds, scented with soothing lavender. Each pillow has a removable cover that can easily be washed to increase the life of your pillow. Perfect for deep relaxation and meditation. The eye pillow can also be used for headache relief.

Great for headache, to de-stress, sinus pressure, sleep or the final relaxation of a Yoga practice. It can be placed in freezer for cold therapy or warmed over a covered pot of hot water for heat therapy.

  • Eye Pillow care

    These lovelies will keep their scent for ages. just keep them embraced in soft tissue or a box. The covers can be hand washed.

    enjoy taking care of yourself! x