LUCID BALANCE is a very special boutique studio offering authentic and empowering 

Yoga, BarreFusion & Meditation classes.

Yoga helps us find slower, fewer but deeper breaths. Less overall muscle tension and more specific muscle engagement. Less diffused mental energy and more laser-like concentration. Less wanting, more acceptance; less doing, more being.

If you, like me, live in the quick pulse of a busy city; if you enjoy its modern conveniences but are challenged by it's noisy chaos, then your yoga practice is largely about balance. Rather than making yoga your time out, use your practice to prepare yourself for the world out there.

Yoga brings the body into stressful positions, challenges the muscles to hold longer, to stretch deeper. We create situations of tension. And then we learn to soften into that discomfort, to find stillness at the centre of a self-imposed vortex. The ability to maintain equanimity in a yoga pose is (in my personal experience) directly related to the ability to maintain sanity in a high-speed, low-connection culture.

Classes are expertly created to complement each other resulting in transforming the Self. The Yoga & Barrefusion sessions are not confined to a particular lineage or style. They are a multi-dimensional experience, a synergy of movements woven together into a balanced sequence. 

Our objective at Lucid Balance is to empower YOU! 


The studio is more than just a place to exercise.

It's a space to connect, make friends and share stories. 




Please contact me for the current class schedule! 
I look forward to meeting you! 
With love & light.
Anisha Badri